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Welcome to Coach Ken K!

Get ready to achieve the mindset of a champion! 

Our minds can often get lost in a web of thoughts, self limiting beliefs and worry. Thus resulting in negative work performance and damaged relationships at home.

It can also affect the love for ourselves. 

With the effective strategies using the MindFarming game and motivational and proven coaching techniques with Kenyatta King, worry, self limiting beliefs and any self doubt will be thoughts of the past and you will have the mindset of a champion! 


These strategies and techniques will improve your performance and build your confidence in the game, but also in life. 


Book a free discovery call today and learn how this style of coaching can help change your life and achieve the mindset of a champion! 

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MindFarming was created to reengineer the human mind to make it function at a “happy” vibration

and frequency by simply conditioning the mind to create a lifestyle of blissful happiness.

The MindFarming Game

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Coaching with K en K.

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About Coach Ken K .

Achieve the Mindset of a Champion!

Kenyatta King is a Published Author and Certified Mind Power Life Coach who combines life coaching with the principles of metaphysics. She is passionate about helping people become healed from mental blocks on the emotional, mental, behavioral, financial & spiritual levels. Kenyatta is deeply committed to guiding people to a place of healing and transformation - mentally, spiritually, financially, emotionally, and physically. She left her successful job as CEO of a non profit organization in Detroit, MI at age 28 and moved to New York City to pursue a life of philanthropy on a larger scale. But, it did not come easily. After being inspired by her ups & downs, unexpected challenges and experiences, she realized her journey was indeed an inspirational writer. 10 years later she is ready to tell her survival story of the concrete jungle of New York City.

Kenyatta King's latest book entitled: The MindFarming Game - A Cheat Code For Manifesting - is about her journey of internal success - where she teaches people how to slay depression, financial struggle, & hopeless by playing mind games she created. The book outlines how to perform an interior makeover for her clients could learn to reach great heights of joy, peace, & happiness. This internal makeover teaches people how to reconstruct their mental status by carefully tilling their words, thought patterns and energy in the right direction. In result, they would learn how to make it in life - that is how to overcome adversity, struggles, & hardships.

Operating your daily life on a happy frequency is a very important factor because positive energy is the sole ingredient for attracting good fortune to yourself. 

Good fortune allows you to live the life you want to live.




As a way to give back to the community Coach K. offers complimentary guidance and coaching to those in need.

Her workshops can offer guidance to those looking to find a new career path, or excel in their career, as well as offering mindset training for those struggling with any mental blocks, or challenges at home or in the workplace. 

To Learn more about Kenyatta's community service be sure to follow her on social media! 

  • MindFarming on TikTok
  • MindFarming on Instagram
  • MindFarming on Facebook


Coach Ken K

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"Coach Kenyatta King

inspires me daily"

— Veronica M. Beard

Fashion Designer


Coach Ken K.   

Tel:  (347) 741-3546

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