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Your Success!

Coach Kenyatta’s greatest achievement is the MindFarming Game System she created. Her clients absolutely love it!!


It is a system designed to discover negative chatter hidden in the human mind to help clients cleanse their mental landscape to tap into the greatness on their life.  The Mindfarming Game help clients develop the mindset of a champion. 


of a Champion!

The benefits of having the mindset of a champion is that when things get tough, you will have the strength to keep going when you fail, and you will have the mental toughness to try harder and find alternative options to make success your end game.


This mindset changes your life from being mediocre, to being absolutely incredible!



are Saying!

"Kenyatta is a very competent coach who immediately gained my complete trust. Her passionate coaching has been certainly a very important experience for me both professionally and personally. The life-saving words from her heart gave me a new positive perspective on life and motivation to live my life to the fullest on and off the football field."

-Mike G. 

"During the coaching sessions with Coach Ken K, I was able to better identify balance and mental harmony within my personal and professional goals and priorities."

-Lawerence T

"Coach Ken K help me to identify and gain clarity on my personal and professional goals, to make significant progress toward them, to learn better ways to deal with stress and anxiety, and to break up thought patterns that were holding me back. It has been a pleasure to be coached by Coach Ken K and I can recommend her to anyone who is looking for professional coaching."

-Harvey K.

"Coach Ken has an incredible intuition and skill set as a life coach to support and guide you towards your desired outcomes. Her loving nature and compassion melts away your anxiety and helps you feel at total ease during the coaching sessions. She connects with your heart, and mind with great coherence of her own, coaching with passion of depth. She also has a fantastic personality! I highly recommend Coach Ken K!"

-James W. 

"Playing the MindFarming game with Coach Ken K helped me to identify negative chatter that was hidden in my mind, then cleansed my mind from negative chatter, and then we reprogrammed my mind to function at a high vibrational frequency and now I have the mindset of a champion! I am having the best season of my life!"

-Tony D. 

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