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The Award Winning MindFarming Game System is a three-step mind-invigorating process starting with a game that breaks down the analytics of the mind - Where I take your hand and walk you through your mind to look at and examine your thoughts, then break your positive & negative thoughts down into percentages and let you know if you are operating on a negative vibrational frequency or a positive vibrational frequency In your mind. Which is either pushing your good fortune away from you or attracting it to you.

MindFarming allows you to pinpoint exactly what self-limiting belief is holding you back, overcome it and strive for success in all areas of your life!

*The book is included in the System



Kenyatta King's latest book entitled: The MindFarming Game - A Cheat Code For Manifesting - is about her journey of internal success - where she teaches people how to slay depression, financial struggle, & hopeless by playing mind games she created.

The book outlines how to perform an interior makeover for her clients could learn to reach great heights of joy, peace, & happiness. This internal makeover teaches people how to reconstruct their mental status by carefully tilling their words, thought patterns and energy in the right direction. In result, they would learn how to make it in life - that is how to overcome adversity, struggles, & hardships.

"Begin MindFarming and seek the frequency of a happy mind-state"



Take a look inside the award-winning system of The Mindfarming Game. The keys to unlocking your power, shifting your mindset, and changing your life are right here. Let Coach Kenyatta King’s MindFarming Game System and Book elevate you to New Heights.

Purple Glow


Gold Liquid


Planting Seeds
to Succeed!

Our thoughts are like seeds and when we plant the right seeds in our minds, they grow and flourish to unimaginable lengths, achieving goals that we never thought possible! However, the opposite is also true, that if we plant poisonous seeds in our minds, we will see failure and defeat. ​

MindFarming is all about planting the right seeds in our mind and doing daily activities to activate and flourish these seeds, like meditation, visualization and much more! 

Learn more about MindFarming by scheduling a free discovery call! 


Mental Blocks

We all are cursed with self-limiting beliefs, these are things like fear and doubt. Here is the interesting thing about self-limiting beliefs. They are not real.

These are things that we make up in our minds, believing that we can't do something or we are not deserving of abundance, wealth, happiness or health for example. 

MindFarming allows you to pinpoint exactly what self-limiting belief is holding you back, overcome it and strive for success in all areas of your life! 


Achieve the Mindset
of a Champion!

There is a big difference between wanting to do something and actually accomplishing it. It's called action. But in order to take action you need the appropriate mindset, you need the mindset of a champion. The mindset that when things get tough, you keep going. When you fail, you try harder and you find alternative options. This mindset changes your life from being mediocre, to being absolutely incredible! 

MindFarming helps you achieve the mindset of a champion, to overachieve your goals and to make your life something that you never thought possible! 

Learn how you can achieve the mindset of a champion by scheduling a free discovery call! 

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